Los Angeles

Live like a celebrity and party like an A-lister in the city of movie stars.

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Santa Monica

Many gay travellers who want to stay near the beach in Los Angeles opt for Santa Monica. Gay West Hollywood is twenty minutes by car up the picturesque Santa Monica Boulevard, while Venice b..read more

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Venice is the gayest beach in California, especially if you like muscle. This is where bodybuilders of all sexual persuasions come to show off and walk up and down the 1.5km boardwalk eyeing..read more

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Gay Venues


Patrick’s Roadhouse Restaurant

By gay beach.

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The Roosterfish

Old and popular

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Micky’s Weho

Gay go-go bar.

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The Lobster

California cuisine.

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Roman Holiday

24/7 sauna.

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They say that the guys in LA are so incredibly handsome because either they want to make it in the movies or their parents did, failed, but still settled in the city.

There must be some truth in this as physical perfection seems to be the norm in the gay villages of West Hollywood or Santa Monica and Venice beaches. There’s a head-turner on every corner.

Sun and surf

The weather is of course as perfect as the Angelenos’ teeth. The saying is that LA has two seasons: summer and January.  This means there is plenty of opportunity to head to Santa Monica and Venice. Both have boardwalks that are almost Southern European in their pedestrian-friendliness.

You won’t see many guys swimming in the sea. It’s not only because no one would be able to admire their bodies if they are submerged, but because there is the cold Alaskan current makes the water rather chilly. Even the surfers wear suits.

More than just a beach and scene.

Outside the original Disneyland, LA has sites we all know from the world of films: the panorama from the Hollywood hills and Mullholland Drive, site of the famous Hollywood sign. There’s Beverly Hills and the shopping on Rodeo drive, The Chinese Theatre with the movie star hand imprints and Universal Studios to name but a few.

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