Koh Samed

The perfect beach weekend getaway from Bangkok.

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Ao Tubtim

Tubtim or Pudsa Ao Tubtim (also known as ‘Ao Pudsa’)  is a small beach on Samed island, located next to Ao Phai (about 200 metres) which is further down from Hat Sai Kaew main p..read more

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Four hours from Bangkok

The tropical island Samed (or “Samet”) is located in the Gulf of Thailand, off the coast of Rayong province.  Rayong is about a 3-hour drive from Bangkok, plus a 15-minute speed boat crossing.

The island has soft sandy beaches and is surrounded by clear warm water.  For many gay Bangkokians, Samed is the preferred beach weekend getaway destination, whereas Pattaya is crowded and Phuket requires a flight.


Beaches on Koh Samed

There are about a dozen beaches on Samed, most of which are the east side of the island. The beaches are next to each other and come in small bays (“Ao” in Thai).

The most famous beach is Hat Sai Kaew which is also the main pier and the most developed area, with all the shops and restaurants and bars.  You will find gay sunbathers on every beach, although Ao Tubtim is frequented by gay visitors and is considered as the ‘unofficial gay beach’ on Samed.

Ao Tubtim is within walking distance from Hat Sai Kaew, past Ao Phai.  After dinner, many head for the popular open-air Silver Sand Bar at Silver Sand Hotel.  When there is a long holiday weekend, the place gets more crowded as gay visitors join the gay dance party on the beach.

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